OAKLAND, Calif. (KRON) – Shootings, robberies, and illegal sideshow activity has kept the Oakland police officers very busy this weekend.

The Oakland Police Department says the chief will be holding a media conference Monday to address the dangerous weekend.

One of the city leaders KRON4 spoke to says that this is the worst he has seen the city in his 75 years of being a part of it.

They say more action has to be taken to stop these crimes but it’s difficult with the police department being understaffed.

“No one has ever seen the city in the shape it is today,” Bishop Bob Jackson said.

Another crime-filled weekend in the city of Oakland. The police department says there were shootings, robberies, looting, and illegal sideshow activity.

Citizen video shows one of those sideshows. In the video, you can also see crowds of people watching and supporting the activity.

Oakland City Councilmember and Mayoral candidate Loren Taylor say although these people aren’t committing a crime–they are encouraging this type of activity.  

“Just by being there and providing likes and support for these activities, it’s encouraging it to continue and unfortunately that puts Oakland residence in harm’s way,” Taylor said.

Saturday afternoon, a carjacking resulted in an officer shooting the suspect — That suspect died from their injuries.

There was also an armed robbery and shooting on Pendleton Way overnight. One person was arrested and the 123rd homicide.

“My understanding is we did have a younger person involved in the homicide,” Taylor said.

Taylor says with all of this criminal activity, officers are spread thin and it’s difficult to solve any of the crimes.

“I have called for increased resources for our investigations unit so we can bring these folks to justice,” Taylor said.

Bishop Bob Jackson with Acts Full Gospel Church says the city needs more help from California Highway Patrol and the Alameda Sheriff’s Department because the police department can’t handle this level of crime on their own.

“It’s down to 680 officers I understand. In the next two months, it will be down to 650. We need a minimum of 850 to really protect the people of Oakland,” Bishop Jackson said.

Bishop Jackson says when he talks to members of the community they’re scared and tired of the crime. He says something needs to change, or things will get worse.

“The only thing I’m concerned about is the citizens of Oakland may pick up guns and start protecting themselves and then it’s going to be awful,” Bishop Jackson said.