Oakland police make arrests in 6 homicides

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OAKLAND, Calif. (KRON) – So far, this year homicides are up 38% compared to this time last year in Oakland, but police say they are making headway and getting these killers off the street.

“If you will fire his powered weaponry and have our families ducking as they are eating dinner at their kitchen table we will be out there holding you accountable,” Susan Manheimer said.

At a news conference Friday afternoon, Oakland Police Chief Susan Manheimer announced arrests have been made in six homicides, five of which occurred this year.

“We would not have such success this week without the relationships we have built in the community, we can’t do it alone, the community has helped solve these crimes,” Lt. Frederick Shavies said. 

Right now, murders in Oakland stand at 80, up 38% this year compared to last, with more juvenile victims and perpetrators.

“You ask why. We know the number one driver for a crime for juveniles is that after school period, well, there is no school, no structure, no intervention support mentoring from those adult relationships whether in school athletics, structured activities, and really no lifeline or pipeline,” Manheimer said. 

OPD also showed off some of the more than 1,000 weapons that have been seized during arrests so far this year.

They say they are seeing more high powered high capacity weapons than ever before.

“What you see on the table behind is us, weapons of war these should not be in anybody’s community, but we see them in East Oakland,” Deputy chief Leronne Armstrong said. 

OPD’s message, we’re all in this together, they know there’s a problem, they’re making headway and they will do whatever it takes to protect the community from violence. 

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