OAKLAND (KRON) — While the Oakland Raiders were inside the Coliseum Monday night winning on the field, first responders were outside the stadium trying to save a football fan from dying in the parking lot.

Oakland Police Officer Daniel Mullens  demonstrated the CPR technique Tuesday he used to help revive a man suffering from a medical emergency in the parking lot of the Oakland Coliseum during Monday night’s game.

“I was assigned as a bicycle officer. We patrol around and make sure everyone is safe,” Mullens said. “There was a lot of Raiders fans out. It was the home opener. There was a lot of people tailgating, a big crowd out.”

He says it was around 5:30 p.m. when the call came over the radio of an adult male in need of assistance. 

“When I arrived on the scene I saw bystander doing CPR on this gentleman who was down on the ground at that point I checked for a pulse, had no pulse,” Mullens said. “They were clinically dead at that moment.”

Mullens says for the next 15 minutes a group of first responders continued taking turns applying CPR until miraculously the victim’s pulse returned. 

He says it was the result of a joint effort to save a man’s life.

“Because of the chest compressions and the quick CPR by bystanders, quick response by us and the paramedic units, at this point he is still alive,” the officer said.

The five year Oakland Police veteran is also one of the lead instructors of first aid at the Oakland Police Department. 

He says he is thankful he was nearby when this medical emergency occurred

“I am here to help people and every opportunity I get to do that, I will take every single one of them,” Mullens said.