Oakland police prepare for May Day events

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OAKLAND, Calif. (KRON) – Oakland police are preparing for May Day events on Saturday.

While they expect most events to be peaceful, they are aware that there is the possibility of violence and destruction.

Officers are asking businesses and residents to take extra precautions.

If you drive around downtown Oakland, you’ll see many businesses are boarded up and they’ve been that way for a while.

While some owners say it adds safety, others don’t think it’s needed.

Store fronts all along Telegraph Avenue in Oakland are boarded up, some have been up so long they have now become art installations.

Cafe Van Kleef’s has no boards, and manager Rick Eggers says they won’t be putting any up for May Day.

Right next door is a solid wall of boards — inside is World of Braids.

Owners Ana Hoyt and Sheron Cambell said their landlord upped the boards last year as a precaution.

They say the boards come with their own issues.

On the other hand, it has kept the business safe.

Eggers says if May Day goes well, he’s hopeful some businesses might consider removing their boards. 

Police are hoping everything will be peaceful but they have suggestions to help keep homes and businesses safe during May Day events.

They say keep everything well lit, move valuables away from windows and if you can move your car to an off-street location.

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