(KRON) — Employees at an Oakland Popeyes went on strike Thursday due to what they call child labor violations, according to a complaint filed with the California Labor Commissioner and the California Division of Occupational Safety and Health (CalOSHA). The store is located at 7007 International Boulevard.

In the complaint, Popeyes workers stated that a 13-year-old girl worked 40-hour weeks and worked until midnight as many as three times a week. California law states that 13-year-olds are not allowed to work on school days and are not allowed to work more than eight hours on non-school days.

“I have been working 5-hour shifts after school,” 17-year-old Popeyes worker Karla Palma Mendoza said in the complaint. “At one point I fell far behind in my classes, and it was hard to catch up because after school, all I could do was work, eat and sleep. After school I have no time for homework when I am working.”

Teenage workers alleged in the complaint that they were never asked for a work permit when they were hired. One student worker claims she was called into work at noon on a weekday, causing her to miss the rest of her school day.

Workers also claimed that wage theft and harassment happened at the store. Among the alleged offense are denying workers required rest breaks, refusing to pay overtime and making sexually explicit comments to young employees. A customer, manager and workers got into a fight in one incident, per the complaint.

“Based on the allegations made this morning by team members at a restaurant owned by one of our franchisees, we have immediately shut down his restaurant and have started a swift investigation. We will not tolerate any violation of employment laws and if any of these allegations prove true, we will take action against this franchisee,” Popeyes said in response to an inquiry.

“Complaints to Cal/OSHA are confidential. Cal/OSHA and the Department of Industrial Relations take complaints of child labor very seriously. We can confirm Cal/OSHA is investigating this worksite. If safety and health violations are found, Cal/OSHA can issue citations,” Cal/OSHA said.