SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) – The Black Organizing Project is announcing a brand new initiative on Wednesday, calling it the first of its kind.

The George Floyd Resolution demands the Oakland Unified School District Police Department be eliminated.

Many districts have contracts with their local police departments, but Oakland has its own schools’ police department.

The police unit consists of 120 school site officers who cover both schools and neighborhoods across the city.

The Black Organizing Project wants schools in Oakland to be police-free and safe for black and brown students.

Organization leaders say black students make up 73% of arrests made by police in the district, despite being only 26% of the student population.

Parents, students, and community leaders a part of the project will introduce the new resolution at Wednesday night’s Board of Education meeting.

The organization will be demanding the board to get rid of the police costing the district millions of dollars.

The new resolution will be announced at Wednesday afternoon’s press conference at noon at La Escuelita Elementary School.

It will go up for a vote on June 24.

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