OAKLAND, Calif. (KRON) – The Board of State and Community Corrections’ California Violence Intervention and Prevention (CalVIP) program gave the city of Oakland a three-year grant of $5,999,948 to help their efforts to reduce shooting incidents in the city, the Department of Violence Prevention (DVP) announced Tuesday in a press release. 

This grant will benefit Oakland’s Ceasefire Initiative. OCI aims to reduce group-related homicides and shootings, decrease incarceration rates of participants, and to strengthen leadership-community relationships.

The city plans to implement four evidence-based practices they will use with individuals who are of high risk for perpetrating or being a victim of gun violence. Prevention and intervention family systems model, street outreach, cognitive behavioral therapy, and crime prevention through environmental design. 

The DVP is set to hire six family coaches to execute the first practice in order to help 192 high-risk residents and their families. These coaches are seeking to improve “family communication and cohesion to prevent future violence,” the DVP said in a statement.

Street outreach workers will engage with individuals and try to mediate conflicts. They will also seek at-risk residents and promote services. The workers will identify parts of the environment that they believe support acts of gun violence and work with city departments to rectify them. 

Chief of the DVP Guillermo Cespedes said in a statement “We are committed to aiding in transforming mindsets and building communities free of violence.”