OAKLAND, Calif. (KRON) –The fight to keep schools open started one year ago.

Students, parents and teachers all spoke out at School Board meetings against the plan. Some even took matters into their own hands by protesting and occupying Parker Elementary School, one of the schools that closed last year.

The decision to close school was impacting dozens of people especially those in Black and Brown communities.

Five schools were set to close by the end of this school year, but after hours of discussion Wednesday night, School Board members decided not to move forward with a plan that would have closed several schools, merged others and gotten rid of some grade levels.

This comes on the same night Mike Hutchinson–who introduced this resolution–was sworn in as the new School Board President.

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Hutchinson said he is excited to think about the students who will learn their school will no longer close later this school year.

KRON4 has reached out to Hutchinson for comment but has not heard back yet.