OAKLAND, Calif. (KRON) — An Oakland public school lost several valuable instruments after two break-ins. The Oakland School for the Arts (OSA) told KRON4 the school was broken into last week and again Monday morning.

Video shared with KRON4 (above) shows a suspect cutting the lock to get into the school. Shortly afterward, two suspects can be seen leaving the school carrying instruments. Among the instruments taken was a $6,000 cello.

“It’s disheartening when thousands of dollars of instruments disappear.  But it is also frustrating for the very dedicated student artists to show up to school and not have their instruments available right before the Spring performance season,” the school wrote in a statement to KRON4.

OSA is located at the Fox Theater Building at 530 18th Street. The school says it provides an “immersive arts and academic education.”

Its academics are funded by the state, but the school has to raise funds for 15% of its operating budget for arts instruction. The school told KRON4 it received three contributions since the break-ins.

  • Bill Graham Memorial Foundation:  $10,000
  • The Dawn Redwoods Trust:  $10,000
  • Another Private Family Foundation:  $5,000

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KRON4 asked the Oakland Police Department for information regarding the break-ins. Due to the ransomware attack targeting the city, OPD was unable to look into the incidents.