(KRON) — Surveillance video shows four people breaking into 8 Ball Skateshop in downtown Oakland on Sunday at 6 a.m. The store was fully stocked, and the thieves made a mess of the place as they took off with most of the merchandise.

Store owners said nearly all the boards were taken off the wall, most of the clothes were stolen, and the cash register was emptied. The estimated the loss — along with repairs and installing new security measures — could cost them about $15,000.

Quite the blow for the group who opened this shop at 15th and Webster streets last year. Co-owner Chris Sandoval said, “We’re not rich none of us are rich we all work on the side this is literally something both me and Terrence, we’re here because we want to be here we’re not here because we want to make hella money.”

This isn’t the first time 8 Ball Skate Shop fell victim to a burglary last summer. Since then, they installed metal bars onto the glass front door which was shattered the last time, but it didn’t keep the criminals from getting in.

Co-owner Terrence Bradley said, “Definitely hurtful. Definitely opposed to the first one because of the shock.”

The reason for such a high cost for securing the store they explain is that 8 Ball Skate Shop is located within a historical building, so they are restricted from putting up a gate on the outside.

They instead have to choose a custom design to install a gate on the inside. But with the bad comes some good, donations have been pouring in to help them out.

With well wishes coming from the skating community as far away as Spain.
Oakland police said the initial call came in just before 6 a.m. as an alarm activation. It then appears just before 6:30 a.m., their communications division received a call regarding a burglary.

Officers arrived on scene just before 8:30 a.m. and took a report.

The priority for calls ranges based on many factors but not limited to, whether there is an immediate threat, the suspect is still on scene, if a weapon is involved, etc.