(KRON) — After seven school days of being on strike, the Oakland Education Association (OEA) has reached an agreement on “Common Good” demands, the organization announced Saturday night on Twitter and confirmed by OEA’s Gabriella Landeros.

The OEA said it will remain on strike, but “momentum is on our side.”

Common Good demands include reparations for Black students, “resources for unhoused students, school closures and shared governance.” The OEA has reached an agreement with the Oakland Unified School District (OUSD) on these items.

However, the Common Good agreement did not include improvements on teacher pay, which has been one of the main demands from OEA.

OUSD is “pleased” that it has reached an agreement with the OEA on these Common Good issues, the school district said in an email.

OEA says it will continue to bargain with OUSD to reach a full tentative agreement. The first day of the OUSD strike was on Thursday, May 4.

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