OAKLAND, Calif. (KRON) – Oakland Unified School District is looking to join the police-free schools movement.

This in the wake of the death of George Floyd. Board of educators held a meeting Wednesday night.

It is called the George Floyd Resolution and it’s demanding the school district’s police department be eliminated.

“Our students, our schools, deserve nothing less,” Superintendent Kyla Johnson-Trammel said. 

In this Zoom meeting Wednesday night, Superintendent Kyla Johnson-Trammel announcing new legislation to push out Oakland Unified School District’s Police Department.

“As a community we will create an alternative safety plan and a transparent and intentional way including staff, students, community and board input,” Johnson-Trammel said. 

The district’s police department is separate from OPD.

According to the district, the unit consists of more than 100 sworn personnel and school site officers who oversee the schools and neighborhoods across the city of Oakland.

In the wake of the killing of George Floyd, districts across the country are calling for police-free schools.

On Wednesday afternoon, activists, students and parents held a press conference calling for change.

OUSD Board of Educators only introduced the legislation in their virtual meeting.

“This is a way to reimagine how to educate children without harming without harming them without constant contacts with police and this isn’t to say that the police officers in ousd are bad people,” Director Rosie Torres said. 

The labor rep for OUSD Police made a public comment in the meeting saying they are ready to meet the district at the bargaining table.

The board will vote on the new legislation on June 24.

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