OAKLAND, Calif. (KRON) — Oakland has lost two professional sports teams in the past few years, but Oakland Vice-Mayor Rebecca Kaplan is making a push to bring a new team to the city. Kaplan will introduce a resolution on Tuesday to publicly support bringing a WNBA team to Oakland.

WNBA commissioner Cathy Engelbert told Yahoo! Sports that her league is planning to expand. The WNBA reportedly considered as many as 100 cities for expansion, but the list has been narrowed down to 10 — including the Bay Area.

“Certainly Bay Area, generally, including Oakland or San Francisco, is certainly on our list, high on our list,” Engelbert told Yahoo. “… The W is everywhere right now. But such a great market out there given women’s college basketball [is] very popular in the Bay Area. Yes, that’s definitely on the list.”

Kaplan hopes to do her part to make the expansion a reality. She said she wants the WNBA to know that the city would be receptive to adding a team.

“As these conversations unfold, the City of Oakland must make it clear that not only are we supportive of bringing a WNBA Team to Oakland, but are excited to be partners and collaborators with the WNBA during the expansion,” she said.

In a press release sent out Wednesday, Kaplan made the case for why Oakland would be well-suited for a WNBA team. She said there are 418,816 WNBA fans in the Bay Area, which is more than eight of the 12 cities that have WNBA teams. There is just one WNBA team in California — the Los Angeles Sparks.

Kaplan proposed putting the team in Oakland Arena, which was the home of the Golden State Warriors from 1971-2019. She pointed to its accessibility and number of parking spots for why the arena would be a good fit.

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Oakland is left with one major professional sports team, the Oakland A’s, after the Raiders departed for Las Vegas and the Warriors went across the Bay to San Francisco. Oakland does have men’s and women’s soccer clubs, the Oakland Roots and the Oakland Soul.