OAKLAND, Calif. (KRON) — There were more illegal sideshows over the weekend in the Bay Area. In East Oakland, a business owner was stuck in a sideshow but managed to escape — by driving right through it.

The illegal sideshow caused a major disruption to the flow of traffic on Sunday around 6:45 pm, at the corner of 42nd Avenue and International Boulevard.

The owner of Oakland’s Feelmore Social Bar, Neena Joiner, recorded video of the incident. Joiner was on the way to the bar but got stuck among the other vehicles, however, with a rare front-row view of the sideshow.

At one point in Joiner’s video, an Oakland Police Department patrol car rolls through the middle of the sideshow without stopping.

After 45 minutes, Joiner saw an opportunity — a momentary break in the reckless driving exhibition — and took a chance on getting out of there by driving through the intersection.

Oakland sideshow
An Oakland sideshow was recorded by a witness on April 30, 2023.

OPD had previously announced on Facebook that additional police resources would be on the street for enforcement against illegal sideshow activity.

The Oakland Police Department told KRON4 on Monday, “OPD is investigating illegal sideshow activity that occurred citywide on April 30. OPD officers dedicated to sideshow enforcement responded to multiple areas to address the illegal activity. There were reports of up to 100 bicyclists, ATV’s and dirt bikes. The officers also encountered gunfire from the crowds.

“OPD gathered information to use and identify those involved in the illegal sideshow activity for possible vehicle seizures at a later date. We are also investigating reports of assaults on individuals by sideshow participants and spectators,” the OPD wrote.

At one of the sideshows, officers towed two vehicles, recovered one firearm, and took one suspect into custody.

Anyone with information about the sideshows is asked to call the Oakland Police Department’s General Crimes Unit at 510-238-3728.