Oakland’s ‘Pothole Vigilantes’ hitting the streets at night to save city

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OAKLAND (KRON) — Among the potential bad guys you’ll find on Bay Area roads, villainous potholes reign supreme, although they may have met their match.

“So we started this by finally saying enough was enough,” said one of Oakland’s Pothole Vigilantes. “We’re fixing the streets because they’ve been neglected for so long they’re hurting our cars.”

Meet Oakland’s Pothole Vigilantes — a pair of masked men who aren’t fighting crime, but they are taking care of the streets.

“Put some asphalt in the pothole, tampering it down make it flat. [It] takes five to 15 minutes depending on the size of the pothole. And you get a good workout too,” he said.

Like many vigilantes — we couldn’t show their faces, of course.

We also can’t share their real names. It’s important for them to maintain a secret identity for fear of any negative repercussions.

“Worst case scenario, we might get in a little bit of trouble from the support that we’ve had, you know a little slap on the wrist, you know we’re not concerned about it — it’s worth it,” he said.

Potholes are a big problem and Oakland’s city government has struggled with a solution.

But by tackling one street at a time, the pothole vigilantes say they’re swooping in to save the city. The vigilantes find it’s best to fill the pesky potholes at night, this way there’s less traffic and it’s better for keeping their cover.

The dynamic duo has been at it for the past several weeks — garnering attention on their instagram and go fund me pages.

Much of it good, but regardless of the bad, they’ve multiplied. They’re calling it a revolution.

“Hashtag pothole revolution — we’re using that because if we had the community behind us and everyone’s helping out it can get done really quickly,” the vigilante said.

In their first pothole vigilante meetup — they supplied their followers with asphalt, tampers, shirts and stickers.

They want people to become the power they seek and fix the roads in their own neighborhoods.

“Our goal is to essentially in the community fill as many potholes as we can and encourage and empower people to get out there and take pride in their own cities and communities,” he said.

Since this all began, the duo has fixed dozens of potholes on their own and they have collected thousands in donations.

They’re hoping with these new sidekicks they can accomplish so much more.

“We’re just two guys right now,” he said. “But if we had the whole community it could be done. Whether it’s potholes or that’s graffiti, just go out there, you know and take it upon yourselves to fix the problems in your community and not wait for the city or anyone else to do it.”

Meanwhile, the city has proposed a three-year $100 million dollar plan to help repave oakland’s poorly conditioned streets .

People are also encouraged to keep calling 311 to report any pothole problems.

But you might be lucky enough to get some help from these guys.

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