(KRON) — Freedom High School Principal Steve Amaro suffered injuries while trying to stop a fight on campus Tuesday between two students, the Oakley Police Department announced on social media. Two students were in a verbal argument in a hallway; Amaro stepped in because he believed the argument had the potential to become violent.

Amaro tried to separate the two students. However, in doing so, he and the student he was guiding away from the argument both tripped and fell to the ground, police said.

The other student involved in the argument then punched Amaro four times, according to Oakley police. The principal suffered injuries to his face and ribs.

Freedom High School filed a report that went to the Contra Costa District Attorney’s Office, which included a recommendation to file a felony charge against the student.

“I have checked on Principal Amaro and, not to my surprise, he is the same upbeat leader I have always known him to be. Principal Amaro is choosing to focus on the Freedom students who exude positive traits and accomplishments,” Oakley Police Chief Paul Beard.

This isn’t the only time the school dealt with violence on campus within the past year. Last December, several fights broke out in one day at Freedom High School.

Amaro was named principal earlier this year but has been an educator at the school for over 20 years, according to the Liberty Union High School District.

KRON4 reached out to Liberty Union High School District Superintendent Eric Volta for further comment. We are awaiting a response.