OAKLEY (KRON) – Police say 74-year old woman shot and killed a man moments after they had a physical fight.

The woman was not arrested after police say she was acting in self-defense.

Oakley police went to a home on Cypress Road around 12:30 a.m. When they got there they found a 51-year old man who had been shot in the driveway.

Officers and paramedics tried to help the man, but he died at the scene.

Officers tell KRON4 that the 74-year woman had an elder abuse restraining order against the man who died.

Before the shooting, officers say there was some physical violence between the two.

Officers say the woman was defending herself and shot the man. At first, the woman was detained and questioned, but after full cooperation, officers let her go.

Officers said another woman and man were also detained but they were let go.

They aren’t releasing the name of the man who died until after they notify family. Officers are still investigating this, but for now, the woman isn’t facing any charges.