OAKLAND, Calif. (KRON) –With more heat predicted and super dry conditions due to our drought, Oakland firefighters are re-doubling their efforts to prepare for a wildland fire.

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Oakland Fire Department Deputy Chief Heather Mozdean spoke on what they are seeing out in the community and how OFD is preparing in case a small spark turns into a fierce firestorm.

“All it takes is one mistake to create this disastrous effect given wind conditions or weather conditions, so until we get our first significant rain, we are on a heightened sense of awareness,” Chief Mozdean told KRON4. 

Conducting inspections to help harden homes by clearing away highly flammable debris is one way the department is helping residents increase chances of slowing a wildfire from spreading. “What we typically see is fires repeat where fires have happened,” Chief Mozdean says. 

Last week KRON4 reported that goats were also brought in to clear dry vegetation. The 450 goats will clear about 900 acres in total and then move onto other cities.

“We are trying to get ahead, but mother nature is also trying to get ahead,” says Chief Mozdean.