(KRON) – A tiny bird — a willow warbler — shocked bird watchers by showing up in Marin County. Its appearance marks the first time the bird has ever been seen in California — or even the lower 48 states!    

The small bird popped up at Rodeo Lagoon in Marin County last week. It is likely surviving off small bugs and staying in shrubs.

The willow warbler breeds in Northern Europe and Siberia and spends winters in Africa. It likely got lost during its migration. It appears once in a lifetime.

“Once in 10 or 100 million shot. It is very unusual. This has been seen a handful of times on small offshore islands off of Alaska, which is closer to Siberia than we are, so this first time seen in mainland North America is extremely, extremely unusual,” said Mark Dettling, an avian ecologist for Point Blue.

The sighting has attracted visitors from all over, all wanting to get a glimpse. There is no way to know if the bird will stay in Marin or try to make its way back home, or survive.