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One year later: North Bay COVID-19 survivor shares her story

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SONOMA COUNTY, Calif. (KRON) – One year ago, while we were all still learning about COVID-19 and how it would affect our lives — A North Bay woman was nearing her deathbed.

The cancer survivor had contracted the virus in early March and spent days in the ICU.

She’s still dealing with side effects, but is grateful to be alive.

“I mean if I look back at where I was, I feel fantastic,” Stacy Allegro said. 

After a fierce fight with COVID-19 one year ago, pilates instructor Stacy Allegro says she’s still dealing with some side effects.

“I have some nerve damage. I have a tremor that’s developed, not just in my body but in my throat. I used to sing and I really can’t sing anymore,” Allegro said. “But other than that I’m pretty much back to normal in terms of the rest of my health.”

Her life today is a far cry from what it was last March.

She was in the hospital dealing with a 101-degree fever for 10 days before being transferred to the ICU.

After weeks of recovery, she was able to head home but due to a lack of information about COVID at the time, she had to remain in quarantine.

“I experienced quite a bit of PTSD when I got out because I was still isolated for about a month and a half from everyone cut off from the world,” Allegro said.

That PTSD came back when Allegro received her COVID-19 vaccine recently.

She said her first shot gave her chills, fever, and entire body aches for three days but she says given the choice, she’d do it again.

“This is not unusual; they’ve been seeing this with people but again, it’s nothing you can’t work through. I was assured through the whole process, I would do it again because I know it’s really important to get everyone vaccinated,” Allegro said. 

If there’s one thing she’s pleading with the public to continue to do.

“We can have some social life but we have got to wear masks. If the CDC is still telling people to wear masks. Please wear a mask,” Allegro said.

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