OAKLAND, Calif. (KRON) — A confidential report obtained by KRON4 details findings that are focused on officer misconduct investigations and how Oakland’s police chief LeRonne Armstrong handled them. KRON4 learned some of the findings were “unfounded and not sustained.”

Armstrong is currently on administrative leave while the investigation is ongoing. KRON4 discussed the findings in the confidential report in a one-on-one interview with the police chief.

“I clearly don’t know why we are here when there’s an unfounded and not sustained finding, which means they didn’t find any evidence to determine that I did anything but then they took the liberty to try in a credibility assessment,” Armstrong said.

KRON4 obtained this confidential report. It’s the work of a law firm hired by the federal monitor overseeing the Oakland Police Department.

The report covers how Armstrong handled the internal affairs investigations into two incidents, involving the same Oakland police sergeant. The incidents are a discharged weapon in an OPD elevator and a hit-and-run of a parked vehicle.

KRON4 spoke to Armstrong to get his perspective on the report’s findings.

“No I don’t agree with that characterization (of the report’s findings),” Armstrong said. “I was completely forthcoming and told the truth in my investigations. There are interviews that were conducted where my statement in full was recorded.”

“Are these recordings that you say you have, are they part of the record?” KRON4 asked. “Is this something that the mayor’s office, city hall, the city administrator and the police commission, does everybody have access to this?”

“Everybody has access to this information. It’s a part of the confidential report,” Armstrong said. “What’s important is that people don’t just read a report and believe everything in the report is accurate. That people take the time to view all of the evidence in this case.”

Chief Armstrong says in addition to his job being on the line, his personal credibility is also at stake.

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“Well, we clearly know there are people who stand to benefit from smearing my name or smearing the reputation of the department and myself,” he said. “I understand that. It’s really troubling that someone would do that. I believe there is more work for me to do.”