(KRON) — The Oakland Police Department reminded residents to use a Safe Exchange Zone for picking up online purchases on Monday in a post on X, formerly known as Twitter.

The OPD’s Safe Exchange Zones offer a safe space for people purchasing and selling goods through online market transactions. The Safe Exchange Zone can also be used for child custody and visitation pickups and drop-offs. 

The designated zones allow 12-minute parking intervals. The spots are easily identifiable through signage and the green curve. The location is brightly lit and under 24-hour video surveillance. 

OPD public information officer Kim Armstead explained that the Safe Exchange Zones can help serve as an extra precautionary measure to reduce personal risk of becoming victimized.

“Always remember someone is not willing to conduct an exchange in front of a police department. Chances are it is not a legitimate transaction,” Armstead said.

The zone is located in front of the OPD’s downtown location, 455 7th Street.