OAKLAND, Calif. (KRON) – Seven shops were ransacked in Oakland’s Little Saigon on Sunday, leaving business owners to pick up the pieces.

Oakland Police are asking for help in tracking down the burglars who targeted a strip mall on International Boulevard early Monday morning in a 90-minute burglary spree. In just under two hours, this group of burglars hit every shop at International Plaza in Oakland.

The coin machine at a laundromat was ransacked early Monday morning. The thieves also broke in through the ceiling at Vietnamese restaurant V & J Fusion. “I’m just shocked, mad and sad. All the emotions,” said Simon Liu, the restaurant owner.

Liu said the burglars only made off with some change, but the damage and having to close the restaurant for repairs have been costly. “The damage is really what’s bothering me because without it getting repaired, I can’t open for business and everyday I’m not open I’m losing money,” said Liu.

The video from the laundromat goes on to show the burglars handing off bags of stolen money. In a separate video, one of those bags is seen being dropped from the roof and exploding coins onto the sidewalk.  

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The burglars were then captured walking through an alleyway while a homeless man stands by. One of the masked men gave the man some of the stolen money.

The laundromat’s owner, who did not want to talk on camera, said crime in Little Saigon is getting out of hand. Liu agrees.

“I feel like more policing will help,” said Liu.

Oakland Police introduced officer Anh Nguyen as Little Saigon’s liaison officer last week. It follows demands from the neighborhood for a crackdown on crime.

Investigators said at least five people seen in these vehicles are being sought in connection with the strip mall burglaries.