SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — A special tribute was held Wednesday night at Oracle Park where players and fans remembered legendary broadcaster Vin Scully who became a symbol for the city of Los Angeles.

His career spanned more than six decades, and his memory continues to live on. “World class in terms of what it means to baseball. I feel like he just represents it and it’s sad to see him go,” said Dennis Gutierrez, Dodgers fan.

Dodgers fans and Giants fans united Wednesday night over their love for baseball and Vin Scully, a man who became a symbol of the game.

“Vince Scully is really the reason I got so interested in baseball. I was a kid. I moved from Pittsburgh to LA and started listening to Vince Scully and listened to him describing Sammy Koufax on the mound. I used to pretend I was Sammy Koufax in my bedroom,” said Walter Sebring.

Scully was the voice of the Dodgers for 67 years and was just as much a part of the team. “He was the greatest Dodger ever. That’s what he was. He made the Los Angeles Dodgers who they are in Los Angeles,” said Sebring.

Scully retired in 2016 but remained a pillar in Dodger baseball. He died Tuesday night at the age of 94.

Players, fans and coaches took part in a special tribute Wednesday night at Oracle Park. Dodger’s manager Dave Roberts said Scully was like family, not only to the team but to the millions who listened to him over six decades.

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“Easily Vinny’s legacy gonna live forever. part of our responsibility as people in baseball is to continue to tell those stories and how he impacted our lives,” said Dave Roberts, Dodgers manager.

Giants manager Gabe Kapler said he will never forget Scully’s voice and his impact on baseball.

“One of the top five broadcasters ever. His voice was very important in my childhood, and I think a lot of people around the country but also in California specifically,” said Kapler.