SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (KRON) – A bold statement on the Bay Bridge Sunday afternoon.

Supporters of the Black Lives Matter movement shutting down the bridge for more than four hours.

The message: Changing a system they say has devalued and ignored Black and Brown lives.

“Yesterday was to disrupt what’s going on, to bring attention to the systemic racism,” an organizer said. 

In front of City Hall Monday, organizers behind the protest called for an end to systemic racism.

They demanded tech companies hire more Black workers, while also investing more money into minority communities.  

The group also called on leaders to provide better healthcare and education in Black and Brown communities too. 

“Why is it that black women die at the highest rates during birth? Why are black children having the lowest birth weights. Cognitive defects?” said an organizer.

“Yesterday was a peaceful way of protesting. Though, we are still on American land when you think about what the bridge really is,” another said. 

California Highway Patrol says it’s illegal to stop on the bridge but trying to clear the hours-long shutdown was a balancing act: Trying to remove protestors peacefully while also getting stranded drivers moving again.  

“We respect everyone’s right to peacefully protest and peacefully assemble, unfortunately we can’t have people up on a well over a 100 foot suspended bridge,” Officer John Fransen said. 

Fransen said the scene could have become more serious if emergency crews or paramedics had been stuck with no way to get out.

Those behind the movement say the plan to make their voices heard.

“We’re actually not a group of people who are savages and thugs like is being perpetuated. We just haven’t had the platform to show who we actually are,” they said.

On Monday afternoon, Caltrans crews removed a message spray painted on the bridge by the protestors. 

Officers arrested 29-people during Sunday’s demonstration on the bridge.

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