WINDSOR, Calif. (KRON) — Organizers who want to remove the Mayor of Windsor after allegations of sexual assault are filing paperwork Monday for a recall electon.

The mayor of the North Bay town, Dominic Foppoli, is under investigation for claims he sexually assaulted six women. Even though he has agreed to “step back” from his role during the investigation, some people in the community do not believe it’s enough.

Organizers want him to resign completely.

A notice of intent will be filed with the town clerk pushing to remove Foppoli through a recall election.

The notice must include 20 signatures from registered voters.

This effort is being led by Tim Zahner, a Windsor resident who is also the executive director of Sonoma Valley Visitors Bureau.

Th filing of a notice of intent states the allegations against the mayor are credible and have caused major damage to the town.

Foppoli, 38, maintains his innocence and is confident he will be found innocent of the allegations.

An elected official can only be removed from office by a felony conviction or a voter initiated recall.

Once the recall notice is filed, Foppoli will have seven days to respond and proponents of his recall will prepare a petition to be signed.

Organizers have 120 days to gather signatures gaining 20% of the registered voters in favor of the recall election – that’s about 3,300 signatures.

Zahner is confident he will get enough signatures.

Foppoli so far has denied all accusations against him and says he’s done nothing wrong.