SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (KRON) – Starting Friday, indoor dining will come to a halt in San Francisco.

At the same time, rain will make its way through the city affecting outdoor dining.

In the Marina District, you’ll see dozens of different parkettes — Some with roofs, some with heaters, and some with whatever they can afford during this difficult time.

Despite all their differences, all agree they have to adjust to the weather if they want to survive because the rain is coming and to quote Game of Thrones, ‘Winter is coming.’

Rain will make its way through San Francisco on Friday, on the same day indoor dining is no longer allowed.

“People probably aren’t going to go out as much and I’m just hoping they’ll want to support local businesses,” Tom Dougherty said.

Manager at Silver Clouds on Lombard Street, Tom Dougherty says this weather is something the restaurant’s been preparing for.

While they were one of the last to build an outdoor parkette, which just opened last week, Dougherty says they wanted to prepare for the long-term.

“We knew it was coming so we put a roof on it, put some blinds that we can drop down for the wind if it’s sunny if it’s raining. We got heat lamps in there so we tried to prepare as much as possible,” Dougherty said.

Meanwhile, other restaurants in the Marina District, like the Dorian, are anticipating challenges with rain, despite having covers.

“I mean we do have a roof on our parklette but outside if the rain comes one direction if it’s coming down, from the side people are still gonna get wet. We have a parklette but outside dining, we don’t have covers on the sidewalk so it’s going to be very challenging with the rain,” Jeffrey Davis said.

And some restaurants, like Sidewalks, don’t have covers at all.

“We work with a very small budget so we can only do the base first. We didn’t even paint it yet and then the next step is to build a roof,” Victoria Li said.

Manager Victoria Le says the weather will be a huge blow to her restaurant and is hoping some will choose to take away instead.

 “We can’t do indoor dining starting tomorrow night and then I don’t know what to do if it rains. I won’t have any more dining business,” Li said.

While the rain might put a damper on your outdoor dining plans.

Most of these restaurants also offer take-out and they’re hoping the community will support them despite the weather forecast.

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