SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (KRON) – Single-day passes went on sale Thursday for Outside Lands and sold out within minutes.  

The popular music festival in Golden Gate Park was canceled last year due to the pandemic but will return in October.

The festival is still months away and a lot could change between now and then but anyone who has bought a ticket and plans on attendings needs to know, that they could possibly be exposed to coronavirus.  

Organizers say they will probably take additional safety steps.

According to the CDC, large outdoor gatherings are still considered high risk for exposure to COVID-19.

The Outside Lands music festival is expected to draw thousands of people over 3 days meaning that extra safety precautions may need to be taken.

Organizers have said they are still working on specific safety guidelines for the festival, noting on their website that “we will follow health and safety guidelines put for by authorities.”

It’s unclear at this point if attendees will be required to wear masks, be vaccinated, or be tested before being allowed in.

Dr. Peter Chin-Hong with UCSF says that because a large gathering like Outside Lands is at odds with CDC recommendations, organizers will most likely need to take additional precautions.

“The Bay Area is very safe but with events like Outside Lands, without an additional layer of safety,  you worry about visitors bringing risks from other areas. If things move along in the way, they have been moving by that time many people will hopefully have been vaccinated,” Dr. Peter Chin-Hong said.

Outside Lands is still months away and conditions and health guidelines could change evolve over the coming months.

On the Outside Lands website in the health and safety section, it notes that anyone who bought a ticket assumes the risk of possible exposure to coronavirus.