(KRON) — Two suspects were arrested Tuesday after an auto burglary in San Mateo, the San Mateo Police Department said. The alleged burglary happened Monday around 8:09 p.m. on the 100 block of East 4th Avenue.

A rental car was parked when witnesses saw a suspect break into the car’s window and steal a purse, according to police. The suspect then fled the scene in a gray minivan, which police were able to obtain the license plate for.

Over $130,000 worth of property was stolen from the rental car. The victim said luggage that had electronic devices and jewelry inside, which were valued at over six figures, was also stolen.

Two suspects connected to the car burglary were arrested the following day in Menlo Park, with assistance from the local police department. The suspects were identified as 42-year-old San Francisco resident Antonio Taylor and 28-year-old Oakland resident Njeri Harambe.

Both were booked into San Mateo County Jail on charges of second-degree burglary, grand theft, conspiracy to commit a crime and vandalism, authorities said.

The 100 block of East 4th Avenue is located near San Mateo Central Park.