SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — Over $17,000 worth of merchandise from Victoria’s Secret and Lululemon was recovered, the San Francisco Police Department said Wednesday. The items are linked to a suspected fencing operation in the Mission District.

Three suspects were arrested in connection to the incident. SFPD reports approximately $17,880 worth of merchandise was recovered from those two retailers.

The items police recovered still had security tags and/or other identifiable antitheft devices attached to the clothing, according to SFPD. The department posted a photo of the items in the suspected fencing operation in the area of 15th Street and Mission (see below).

Three suspects were arrested: Deysi Ramirez, 59, of San Francisco, Veronica Lumbreras Villanueva, 40, of Daly City and Marvin Dick Godoy Calderon, 43, of San Francisco.

Ramirez and Villanueva were arrested for possession of stolen property and conspiracy, according to SFPD. Calderon was cited and released for possession of stolen property.

Case numbers for the arrest are #230720529 and #230720557, per SFPD. No other information was available.