PACIFICA, Calif. (KRON) – Fed up and frustrated by seeing Bay Area leaders and the governor defying their own health orders during the pandemic, a Pacifica business owner says she and others have had enough. 

They say even if outdoor dining gets banned, they plan to continue to stay open to serve customers. 

They told KRON4 they want to hold leaders accountable, while also protecting their livelihood.

The owners at Pacifica Brewery say since the start of the pandemic they have been playing by the rules and following health orders to a T so they can keep their doors open, and customers safe when they come inside. 

They say after seeing recent reports of leaders not practicing what they preach, they were forced to take a stand.

“I want to see some type of accountability for putting in these guidelines, it’s impossible to tell people not to go to work, and not provide for your family, but you must pay your bills,” Helen Nasserelddin said. 

Helen Nasserelddin says she’s taking a stand to protect her business. 

Since last November, she and her husband have owned Pacifica Brewery. Since the pandemic, she says the business has been losing about $50,000 a month. 

Like so many other businesses struggling during the crisis, health orders limit the number of customers from showing up but the orders don’t stop bills from piling up. 

That’s why she’s on a mission to let Bay Area leaders know the real impact of their decisions. 

She’s hoping to start a coalition with other businesses who are fed and up and frustrated to educate leaders on the real impact of their decisions. 

She says after seeing recent headlines of Bay Area leaders defying their own health orders, she says she’s staying open, even if outdoor dining is banned.  

“We’re not ignoring any health orders. Every single guideline has been applied. The only order we’re willing to say is enough is enough is that you must shut down, but you must continue paying your bills,” Nasserelddin said. 

She says her line in the sand isn’t easy. 

Nasserelddin says she’s still paying full rent on a 21,000 square foot location, even though the inside is closed. 

Just last month, she forked over $12,000 to PG&E because of new gas heaters to keep customers warm outdoors. 

With no relief in sight and no help on the way, she says it’s hard to trust leaders who do one thing and say another.

“They’re not practicing what they preach and it’s so disheartening. We don’t trust them. We don’t trust what they say. We don’t trust what they do,” Nasserelddin said. 

Nasserelddin says she’s been in contact with other businesses across the area to see if they would be willing to join in on the fight.

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