Pair of thieves target same San Jose home in 4-day span

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A San Jose family claims that they’ve been targeted multiple times by a pair of thieves. 

New surveillance video shows the suspects entering their home and taking their belongings. 

The alleged crimes happened over a four day period. 

In one video, a man can be seen walking up to the family’s black Honda Civic, getting inside and driving away. 

Phung Pham said, “In my car, they took everything I have. My car is just my second house you know.” 

 Pham said that incident happened on the night of November 25. 

The night before, her’s son’s car was broken into and thieves stole several items, including two sets of car keys and registration information. 

The thief used one pair of the stolen keys to take off with Pham’s car. 

The home address was likely found on the stolen registration. 

“We need a car to go to work. We work hard to buy stuff,” Pham said. “Why don’t they just go to work and buy stuff instead of stealing from people.” 

That was only the beginning of the nightmare for Pham and her family. 

“They came back after three hours to open the garage and stole stuff,” she says. 

Hours after her car was stolen, the thief returned, but this time with a woman. 

The duo used the garage remote left on Pham’s stolen Honda Civic to pop open the doors. 

The male suspect tried using the second set of keys to start another car parked inside as the female suspect rummaged through. 

Two nights later the man returned to the home and Pham believes he trying to find the other family car while using the stolen spare key. 

That time he walked away empty-handed, but Pham says the thefts have her feeling increasingly unsafe in her neighborhood. 



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