MARIN COUNTY, Calif. (KRON) – Carol Kiparsky and Ian Irwin have been found alive!

The Marin County Sheriff’s Office tweeted that the missing Palo Alto couple was found on Saturday morning.

More than 70 people were helping in the search on Saturday, finding their way through dense vegetation and rough terrain. Volunteers Quincy Webster, Richard Cassens, and a 3-year-old rescue dog found the missing couple.

On Saturday morning, day six of the search, the couple was found.

Around noon, officials reported that the couple was safely extracted by Sonoma Sheriff’s helicopter and was transported to a local hospital.

Sheriff’s say this rescue was a miracle.

“We were searching up the drainage from shallow beach it’s very tough going, it’s very tough drainage about halfway up we hear voices, first we thought it was another team but then they started yelling help and we looked at each other and we thought that’s them.”

Both Carol and Ian were airlifted and taken to the hospital suffering from hypothermia.

We’re told they’re experienced hikers visiting the town of Inverness in western Marin County.

Those who live in the rural town, where many come to enjoy the nature, are happy about the outcome.

“They was something in their background knowledge to be able to seek shelter and refuge and the fact that they’re still alive is just a wonderful miraculous thing,” Alex Porrata said.

The couple was wearing light clothing with no jackets and Carol did not have any shoes on.

One of the volunteers said they were responsive and yelling for help.

A sheriff’s deputy said the couple may have fallen but continued to hike.

When the volunteers found them, Carol and Ian were very appreciative. Sheriff’s say Ian was even singing a song when the helicopter came.

77-year-old Carol and her husband 72-year-old Ian were last seen on Valentine’s Day at their Rental in Inverness. The couple never checked out of their Airbnb.

The search became a recovery mission as investigators believed that the couple would have been found by now if they were responsive.

According to the county sheriff’s office, they left their rental cottage for a hike on the night of Valentine’s Day and got lost in the dark for more than a week.

“The reason they are alive is because they were drinking from a puddle near where they were located,” Sgt. Brenton Schneider said.

Schneider said he spoke to the pair who are thankful after being lost and rescued.

“They wish to extend their gratitude to all the search and rescue members that you see behind me who are the reason for Carol and Ian being found,” he said.

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