(KRON) — Five suspects were arrested in Palo Alto on Tuesday after a new automated license plate reader alerted police to a car that had been carjacked at gunpoint on Monday, the Palo Alto Police Department said. Officers also recovered a loaded firearm and turned three carjacking suspects over to the Berkeley Police Department.

The vehicle, a black 2021 Toyota Corolla, was allegedly carjacked from its owner at gunpoint on Monday in Berkeley. The three suspects were armed with a black semi-automatic handgun, police said.

The following day, around 12:47 p.m., Palo Alto PD officers got a notification from the city’s new automated license plate recognition camera system that the vehicle had entered Palo Alto.

Patrol and undercover officers began searching for the vehicle and located it in a parking stall at Stanford Shopping Center. Undercover officers surveilled the vehicle, police said, noting that it was parked next to a white 2011 Infiniti G-37 that was similarly backed in.

Multiple occupants of both vehicles were talking to each other, leading officers to believe they were associated.

Marked police cars moved in and the two vehicles pulled away simultaneously and began driving through the parking lot, police said. As they reached the exit to El Camino Real, officers conducted a traffic stop on both vehicles.

The driver of the Corolla tried to drive up on a sidewalk to escape but was blocked by a police vehicle. The Corolla struck the occupied police vehicle causing damage to both vehicles before it was stopped. No one was injured, and officers took the three occupants of the Corolla and four occupants of the G-37 into custody without further incident.

Berkeley PD arrested three of the seven suspects for Monday’s carjacking and took custody of them. Two others were released without charge.

Two others — 19-year-old Jayvontay Brown of San Francisco and 20-year-old Jeremiah McCardie of Oakland — were arrested by Palo Alto PD.