Palo Alto Mayor will give Christine Blasey Ford special proclamation


Palo Alto Mayor Liz Kniss is among the Bay Area community leaders that have been actively supporting Dr. Christine Blasey Ford.

Mayor Kniss says the city will give Ford a special proclamation to honor her bravery in coming forward to accuse Brett Kavanaugh of sexual misconduct.

The Palo Alto Mayor is delighted to issue a city proclamation in Ford’s hometown and had a lot of requests to do so.

Ford has been in hiding because of the threats to her and her family.

She has apparently not returned to her home at this time.

Mayor Kniss says if need be, they will eventually ask a friend or colleague to accept the proclamation on Ford’s behalf.

She says the important thing is that Ford understands the strength of support that is coming from the community.

“It will talk about her bravery and courageous stand. It will talk about her being able to overcome a situation that was so unpleasant she hasn’t been able to share it for years and to come out and go before a Senate committee and tell them what happened – I doubt there are many of us who are survivors who could do that. I hope she’s here and safe. I know she was concerned about her safety and probably still is.” – Mayor Liz Kniss

Mayor Kniss was ‘stunned’ to hear President Trump apologize to Kavanaugh yesterday and saying that he had been ‘found innocent’ of the accusations.

She hopes to see more investigation into Kavanaugh’s background but assumes that it will not happen.



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