Parents demand answers after claiming their child was beaten up at Castro Valley school

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (KRON) – Parents of a student in Castro Valley are outraged and are demanding answers from school district administrators after they say their 12-year-old was beaten by another student on campus.

“Punched her right in the face. Knocked her right in the face. Grabbed a big chunk of her hair. Pulled her down on the ground and continued to pummel her in the face.”

The parents of a 12-year-old student at Canyon Middle School in Castro Valley are not showing their faces, wanting to protect their child’s identity who they say was beaten by another student last Thursday during a lunch break.

“Both her elbows are scraped. Her knees. Her back. Her face has a footprint on it, as well as numerous other bruises her lip her eyes her hair.”

The parents as well as many community members are upset with how the district is handling the fight.

The parents say they were not notified until two hours later and that their child was never given any medical treatment until they took their child to the emergency room themselves.

“Her eyes are glazed over she has blood everywhere. Her clothes are all ripped and she has a bag of water that must’ve been ice and a stack of bandaids sitting on a table.”

Castro Valley Unified School District Superintendent Parvin Ahmadi confirmed there was an incident, but was unable to comment on any disciplinary action.

She said student safety remains their highest priority and they are still investigating the situation.

She said in a statement that, “although staff takes precaution to prevent unfortunate incidents from occurring, as children interact with one another at times disagreements occur and unfortunately matters escalate.”

She went on to say that, “campus supervisors were in the location but did not witness the actual incident but attended to them immediately after.”

The parents of the student have not been told which faculty member responded to the fight if anyone at all.
they have many unanswered questions.

They didn’t tell us anything on the phone wouldn’t let me talk to her over the phone wouldn’t give her the phone didn’t let her call me.

The parents of the student have filed a police report and are pressing charges.