Parents outraged after kindergartner son allowed to leave school, walk home alone


An East Bay family is outraged after they say their kindergartner child was allowed to leave school and walk home by himself. 

This, despite the fact the child was supposed to go to an after-school program on campus. 

Duana Kirby is furious. 

She says on Monday, Jackson was supposed to go to a youth enrichment program here at Fairview Elementary School in Hayward. 

It was Jackson’s first day of kindergarten. 

The program is on campus, about 50 feet away from his classroom. 

But that’s not what happened. 

Instead, Duana says, she got a call from her son, from home. 

So, I am at work and get a phone call from my son on his cell phone and I say ‘what are you doing calling me?’ I said to ‘leave your cell phone at home.’ And he said, he did.  That he was at home to call and safe that he was safe,” Duana said. 

Duana says she rushed home from her job, and indeed, Jackson was there. 

She then quizzed him about how he walked nearly 2.6 miles home, and why he wasn’t in the afterschool program. 

“He said he was in the bathroom and when he got out, no one was there and so he grabbed his backpack and walked home,” said Duana. 

Duana says she and her husband are angry and want answers to how this all happened. 

“Someone could have grabbed him, he could have been mauled by a dog, hit by a car,” she said. 

As for the district, they sent KRON4 this statement: 

“We take this incident very seriously and are investigating to determine what steps need to be taken to ensure that this does not happen again.”  



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