Parents rally against concrete plant near Fremont school


A longtime family-owned business in Fremont is drawing the ire of parents at a nearby school.

The parents believe the business is exposing kids to unhealthy pollutants. 

Dozens of parents protested on Saturday against Tri City Rock, which is an industrial business that’s located just feet away from Stratford School. 

Protesters wore dust masks to indicate the breathing problems kids are dealing with and parents say they stem from uncovered concrete, dust, and dirt piles. 

Crystal Dia said her daughter has been impacted. 

” Sometimes she tells me the air is really bad during the daytime,” Dia said.

Bradley Angel, executive director of Greenaction for Health and Environmental Justice helped organize the rally. 

 “This is pollution that can cause asthma and potentially other health problems,” he said. “We think they’ve been negligent in not controlling their emissions.”

KRON4’s Philippe Djegal spoke with the president of Tri City Rock, who said for more than 30 years the industrial business has coexisted with Grimmer Elementary School which is also next door. 

He said the elementary school nor any other businesses have ever filed a complaint. 

Stratford School was built in 2017 with the help of Tri City Rock which supplied 3700 cubic yards of concrete to help build the school’s foundation. 

In September 2018, parents at the private school started to lodge complaints that led to several unannounced inspections from state and local authorities, but no violations have been found. 



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