OAKLAND, Calif. (KRON) – The occupation of Parker Elementary School in East Oakland by a group of families ended Monday, one of those occupying the school confirmed to KRON4 News.

Parents of Parker Elementary students and their allies started the occupation in May following an outcry about the Oakland Unified School District’s consolidation plan, which affected 11 predominantly Black and Latino schools.

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People occupying the school clashed with police in August, as KRON4 reported at the time.

The school was going to be closed due to lack of funding and the Oakland school board has voted to convert the campus for adult and family program use.

On their Twitter page, the group occupying the school touted its successes over the 125 days.

“Over the summer, the Parker Liberation provided educational programming, nutritious meals, and activities to students who were at risk of losing the only public elementary and middle school in their neighborhood,” the tweet stated. “For these kids, school closures remain a very personal and troubling act of violence devastating their ability to thrive in an increasingly gentrified city.”

The purpose of the “24/7 sit-in” was “to call attention to how racist school closures and characterization impact Black and Brown communities,” the tweet stated.

The group hosted Freedom Fridays and Solidarity Sundays throughout the occupation, which included poetry readings, mental health and first aid trainings, “copwatching” workshops, reading groups, current event discussions and movie nights.

“We received national and even international solidarity,” the tweet continued. “We held the building down through the brutality of an OUSD raid, retaliatory firings of teachers, sleepless nights and cold mornings.”

Oakland Unified Director of Communications John Sasaki stated to KRON4 that he would not comment on the end of the occupation, “per se,” but he did give a statement on the new use for the facilities.

“The OUSD Board of Education adoption of Resolution No. 2223-0030, which approved the use of the former Parker School facilities as a center for adult and family programs, resources, and services, is the direct result of listening and learning from our community,” Sasaki stated. “We value the voices of our students, families, and partners and with this Resolution, remain committed to serving the interests and needs of the East Oakland community.”