Parking enforcement set to resume near San Jose State University

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Courtesy: South University Neighborhood

SAN JOSE, Calif. (KRON) — Starting in December, San Jose’s Department of Transportation (DOT) will resume issuing parking citations.

The city announced this week that vehicles without permits in the University and S.U.N. Residential Permit Parking (RPP) zones will be subject to getting a parking citation starting December 1.

Since March 2020, the city suspended RPP zones due to COVID-19.

Since September, the DOT says it has been gradually reactivating RPP zones throughout the city.

Letters have been sent to residents living in the University and S.U.N. zones to notify them about the reactivation of RPP zones and the start of a virtual permit system.

The South University Neighborhood (S.U.N.) parking sign in downtown San Jose.

Beginning Wednesday, parking and traffic control officers will patrol the two RPP zones during restricted hours and begin issuing citations if a vehicle does not have a virtual permit.

Eligible residents can register for a virtual permit here.

The city says it reactive other RPP zones throughout the city over the next several months.

Residents living in other RPP zones do not need to take any action until they’ve received a letter or online communication from the city with instructions.

To for more information about the RPP program and reactivation timeline, click here.

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