OAKLAND, Calif. (KRON) — The elephant was not amused, the giraffe was intrigued, and the parrot burst into song.

Earlier this week a blues and bluegrass band, Dirty Cello, played music for all of the animals of the Oakland Zoo. The musicians received mixed reviews depending on which species was listening.

An elephant turned its back and walked away after hearing just a few notes. But a bright green Amazon parrot named Brock was so enthralled that it performed an impromptu sing-along.

The Oakland Zoo posted the funny video on its Facebook page and captioned it, “When Bay Area bluegrass band Dirty Cello asked if they could come play for the animals, we said ‘abZOOlutely!’ Little did they know our own Brock the Amazon Parrot would take center stage and belt out a killer blues in E-flat.”

Cellist Rebecca Roudman and guitarist Jason Eckl let the parrot pick the key and tempo, matching their strings to its voice.

Roudman and Eckl told KRON4 that they have been thinking outside the box for places they can perform during the coronavirus crisis. The zoo is closed to visitors, and the animals who live there might be wondering, “where did everybody go?”

“We played for the animals because, what’s happening is, they miss having the stimulating action of seeing people all day,” Eckl said.