(KRON) — Bay Area families were reunited overnight at San Francisco International Airport after an Air India flight was diverted to Russia due to mechanical problems.

More than 200 passengers were stranded in Magadan, Russia for nearly two days.

A replacement Air India plane flew to Magadan to bring all passengers back to the United States. It took them about three hours once their replacement plane landed in Russia to board the plane.

There was potential for an international crisis because of the United States’ strained relationship with Russia amidst the battle in Ukraine. Some American citizens were unable to use their credit cards because of the sanctions against Russia.

The plane touched down at SFO around midnight and there were hugs and kisses all around once passengers reunited with their families.

“While taking off, we were all cheering. While lining up, we were all cheering. Now, we are all cheering. Glad to be back,” said one passenger aboard the Air India flight. “Once we were all there, everybody was kind of nervous. They didn’t know what was going on and what was going to be the next action.”

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Passengers told KRON4 Russia’s soldiers did nothing wrong and they were treated as best as they could during their time in Magadan.