SAN JOSE, Calif. (KRON) – We’re learning more information about one of the confirmed coronavirus cases and the days leading up to the patient’s treatment before he was quarantined.

Health officials said the patient sought medical care at Good Samaritan Hospital in San Jose on January 28.

On Tuesday, the Santa Clara County Health Department said several employees were exposed to the virus through that patient.

The hospital says the patient, infected with the coronavirus, briefly sought care at the hospital.

As a result, five employees were exposed to the virus and sent home to self-isolate until February 11.

On Tuesday, KRON4 learned one of the four confirmed coronavirus patients in Northern California sought treatment at two medical facilities, one of them being Good Samaritan Hospital in San Jose.

In a statement on Tuesday, the hospital said:

“A patient, now identified as positive for the novel (new) coronavirus, briefly sought care in Good Samaritan Hospital’s Emergency Department on Jan. 28.  Since this was the second location where the patient sought care, he was already familiar with proper precautions and was wearing a mask during the entire duration he was present in our hospital.  Upon evaluation, treatment and consultation with the Santa Clara County Public Health Department, it was determined that the patient should self-isolate at home.”

The Santa Clara County Health Department confirms they performed a contact investigation at the hospital after learning several employees were exposed to the coronavirus.

In a separate statement, the health department said:

“As part of our contact investigation, five healthcare workers were found to have been exposed. These workers have been instructed to stay home until February 11th. This is being done to protect the public’s health and limit any potential spread of the virus.”

The health department and hospital say this is a safety precaution and the actions taken do not mean that any of the employees will in fact contract the virus.

The hospital says they placed those five employees on paid leave until the isolation period ends February 11.

The health department will closely monitor those employees but as of now, there are no new confirmed cases.