(KRON) — Peet’s Coffee has closed the Oakland warehouse where an employee was killed in a roof collapse in March, it confirmed to KRON4. Peet’s distribution center and warehouse operations will now be in Tracy, CA.

The man killed in the collapse was identified as Martin Gonzalez, 57. He was a long-time Peet’s employee.

The facility was located on the 600 block of 85th Avenue, just south of the Oakland Coliseum. The Oakland Fire Department said it was a distribution for other coffee companies in addition to Peet’s.

The collapse occurred at 3:13 a.m. on March 10. A Peet’s spokesperson said a 30-by-30 section of the roof collapsed and killed Gonzalez.

“Since the tragedy at our Oakland warehouse in March, we had no choice but to evaluate multiple options,” a Peet’s statement read in part. “It was clear that we would not be able to return the facility on 85th Street to its previous capacity and that it would not meet our needs going forward. For those reasons, we have decided to move our distribution center and warehouse operations from Oakland to Tracy, CA. The decision was not made lightly.”

Each of the 110 employees that worked at the facility was given the option to continue working at the new location in Tracy. So far, nearly 40 percent of them have accepted that offer, according to Peet’s.

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“It is an understatement to say that this has been a difficult time. We can’t say enough about how all our Peetniks came together to support each other and the company,” Peet’s said.

Peet’s bases its corporate office out of Emeryville, and Alameda is the home of its roasting plant.