SAN MATEO CO., Calif. (KRON) — Residents on the Peninsula are still cleaning up from the Bay Area’s latest series of storms.

Victor Goncalves said his backyard at his Pescadero home turned into a lake. His guest cottage and garage are now soaked and filled with mud. Down the street, his friend, Tom Shuman, was able to head back to his shop.

“I have a sedan and a small car, so I couldn’t get through the flood,” said Shuman, a pottery owner. Both Goncalves and Shuman had no power for over 10 days.

A sinkhole on Highway 92 near Half Moon Bay has been slowing down traffic. A section of the road in Pescadero collapsed on Saturday after days of heavy rain and flooding in the area.

Belinda Hernandez Arriaga is the founder of Alas, a Latino-centered nonprofit. She has been helping those impacted by the road closures. “They’re trying to think about how they are going to pay rent, how far this is going to be during this really difficult time when so much work has been compromised from this natural disaster,” said Arriaga.

Half Moon Bay’s vice mayor said it could take two to three months to get to a sense of normalcy. “The city manager has reached out to receive funding from the state and for the federal government to be able to provide and giving back to our community,” said Vice Mayor Joaquin Jimenez.

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Residents in Pescadero said they are looking forward to the dry weather ahead and plan to access the flood damage and clean-up.