(KRON) — One of two large annual meteor showers will be visible in the sky this weekend — especially this year since the moon will be barely visible. Views of the Perseid meteor shower are expected to be spectacular

All you need to do is find a very dark place to watch the show.

For those who choose to stay up late this weekend and pick a dark spot with a clear view of the heavens, you are in for a treat that only comes around this time of year.

“Lay out a blanket. Maybe, bring yourself a hot toddy or something and just lay there for a couple of hours and just watch the sky — the whole sky,” said astronomer Gerald McKeegan.

From late Saturday night until before dawn Sunday, the Chabot Space and Science Center says you should expect to see anywhere from 30 to 100 shooting meteors an hour.

Pebble-sized rocks and dust from the Swift-Tuttle comet burn through the atmosphere to make up the annual Perseid meteor shower.

“The meteor showers produce streaks of light across the sky that all appear to come from the same direction — what we call the radiant point,” McKeegan said. “And, the radiant point for this meteor shower is in the constellation, Perseus, hence the name ‘Perseid meteor shower.'”

The peak of the second large annual meteor shower called the Geminid is expected in mid-December, but there are no promises that the show will be as visible as this weekend’s because the moon will be a waning crescent, making for an ideal dark sky.

“You do not want to use binoculars or a telescope or anything like that,” McKeegan said. “You’ll want to just watch it with your naked eye.”

Just escape the city lights, keep your eyes off your bright cellphone screen, and enjoy.