PETALUMA – A fight broke out with gun shots fired involving multiple people outside of Brewsters Beer Garden in Petaluma.

Around 8:15 last night Petaluma police arrived here only to find the fight and people involved gone. 

Officers found blood evidence showing there one or more injured people.

Witnesses confirmed a group of four or more people got into a fight and at least one gun shot was heard.

About 30 minutes later two people arrived at Petaluma Valley Hospital: one with a gunshot wound and the other with a head injury.

Both people are expected to be okay.

The shooters involved have not been identified and the motive for the fight is something investigators are still trying to figure out. 

Police will continue to investigate this morning. If you have any information contact Petaluma police at (707) 781-1200.

News about this shooting circulated pretty fast through the city, a normally pretty quiet area, so this concerned a lot of people who live here.