PETALUMA, Calif. (KRON) –  In the North Bay, thousands of people lined the streets of Petaluma for this year’s Veterans Day parade. 

It was a lovely day in Petaluma for neighbors to take the time to honor those who have served in this country’s military.

Friday afternoon, the annual Petaluma veterans’ day parade wound its way through downtown. The parade featured music, floats and  a lot of horses.

The theme of this year’s parade was “Korean War Veterans, You Are Not Forgotten”. Joe Noriel helped organize this year’s event.

Noriel tells KRON4, “this year we are honoring the Korean war veterans.  It’s often called the forgotten war which is unfortunate. Many of these soldiers came home to little or no recognition and this is our opportunity to reward them for everything they have done.”

Along the route, thousands of people lined the streets to honor those who have served. Silvia Maloney’s family has a long history of service.  

Maloney tells KRON4, “I had two brothers that were marines. An uncle who died in WW2 and one brother who was in the Air Force and my husband was in the army.”

This woman, who goes by Miss Bonnie, came today to honor her brother, who served in Vietnam. She told KRON4, “we have one day out of the year that we can honor the people who really fought for America.  A lot of them gave up their lives for our country.”

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Now, the organizers tell me that this year’s parade took about a year to put together and after today they will take a break for the holidays and then start thinking about next year.