(KRON) — For the second straight day, the Pacific Gas and Electric company warned customers about potential rolling blackouts due to high heat straining the power grid. PG&E has notified approximately 297,417 customers about the possible outages, it said in a press release.

The rotating outages would impact each customer for 1-2 hours. The outages would be planned, unlike other heat-caused outages that have been plaguing the Bay Area for the past few days.

On Tuesday, Alameda, Palo Alto and Healdsburg saw rotating outages, but most Bay Area cities avoided them. California’s Independent System Operator said Californians conserving energy played a large role in avoiding the blackouts.

“If electricity demand conditions do not improve, CAISO could direct PG&E and other utilities to begin rotating outages. CAISO oversees the larger power grid and balances energy demand with supply,” PG&E said Tuesday.

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The power grid is organized by zones that PG&E refers to as “blocks.” To find out what block you are in and whether you might be affected, click HERE.