(KRON) — A driverless vehicle blocked a fire truck’s path on Tuesday morning in the Glen Park neighborhood of San Francisco, Waymo confirmed to KRON4.

The photo shows an intersection on Roanoke Street, and it appears that the fire truck is attempting to turn from Chenery Street. The Waymo vehicle is at a full stop in the road, and the fire truck can’t seem to go around it. Waymo described what happened in a statement provided to KRON4:

“An autonomously driven vehicle from Waymo was traveling on a narrow street with parked cars to the left and right. Due to the parked cars, narrow street and people in the road and near the car, our vehicle was unable to immediately move for a firetruck attempting to enter the street. Our remote assistance teams were working rapidly to develop a new path for the vehicle, when instead after a brief period the fire truck moved along and our vehicle continued on its trip. We maintain great respect for the SFFD and our first responders and appreciate our ongoing relationship with them.” — Waymo

Two weeks ago, several Waymo vehicles pulled over after encountering dense fog in the neighborhood of Balboa Park. The cars came to a standstill for a time, and were back on the road after the fog started to clear up, the company said. In January, a self-driving car stopped at a construction site, and Waymo employees were later on the scene to get the car moving again.

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Driverless cars from other companies have had struggles as they tested their skills on San Francisco streets. After a 2019 crash involving a Cruise vehicle and a man riding an electric scooter, the man on the scooter sued the company.

Now, Cruise is in a legal battle with Actalent Incorporated, which provided human test drivers for Cruise vehicles at the time of the crash. Both companies claim the other should be financially responsible for the incident.